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Wild Animal Control Services – What City of Markham Homeowners Need To Know

Looking for a professional wild animal pest control company in the city of Markham, Ontario? Look no further! Our wildlife technicians are a team of experts with years of experience servicing the York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.


We offer a wide range of services such as one-way door installation for humane removal to prevention meshing to make certain animals can not reenter, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how to protect the structure of your home from pests and wild animals!



  • Nuisance wildlife pest problems in the attic can all be a thing of the past. We’re standing by ready to answer your wildlife control Markham-related questions. We can explain how our high-quality prevention services work and can give you a fairly accurate estimate of what it will cost to get rid of your nuisance animal problem.

  • Our Markham area wildlife removal experts will do a thorough inspection of your roof, spotting all wildlife entry holes and problem areas that should be screened for prevention.


  • Affordable Wildlife Removal Markham uses humane one-way doors which is the fastest and most effective method for removing wildlife like skunks, squirrels & raccoons from decks, attics & chimneys.


  • Prevention! Is Essential - This is how Markham’s local residents can live without wildlife in the attic year after year. Yes, it costs more initially for prevention but it’s the #1 way to keep raccoons, squirrels & other wildlife out of Markham homes for good.

Affordable Wildlife Removal in Markham

About Our Wildlife Removal and Animal Control Services in Markham


Get Affordable Wildlife Control in the Markham Region - We’re one of the GTA-based animal services out there doing great work for a reasonable price. Call Wildlife Removal Markham today for hassle-free service & 100% customer satisfaction.

With managing wildlife it’s not possible to remove skunks, raccoons and squirrels entirely from the neighbourhood, so you shouldn’t be overly concerned if you happen to see wild animals in your yard or even on your roof. When managing wildlife, it’s important to remember that animals are a natural component of any healthy neighbourhood.


Many animals, such as squirrels, raccoons and skunks could to a certain extent be welcomed into your yard rather than removed, but this means that a wildlife prevention plan to keep them out of unwanted areas will be a good idea. Animals are usually fairly disruptive once they gain entry to an attic so it is a good idea to hire professionals like our Affordable Wildlife Control service in Markham for removal and prevention services.


These nuisance animals can include squirrels, raccoons, skunks and birds and should always be taken seriously, even the smallest problem can turn costly if left unchecked.

You’ll sleep easier knowing you did what you could to make it difficult for wildlife to break into your home. Having roof vents and other areas protected will greatly reduce the risk of animals living in your attic.

Wildlife Removal in Markham

Pest control & wildlife removal in Markham isn’t always an easy process and it needs to be done consistently and preferably by a professional wildlife and pest removal technician. There are a few proven ways of controlling the most common nuisance wildlife from entering attics & decks and if done right the first time you have a wildlife problem, you’ll see lasting results for years to come. Some of these methods will help you control a wide array of pests & wildlife that attack your home & garden and others will be more targeted.
Homeowners need to choose a wildlife removal company carefully, as many companies are not experienced and their methods can be harmful to animals with babies or their lack of a full roof inspection might not address all potential entry points the first time. Our Wildlife Removal Markham crew always does a full inspection so there’ll be no surprises after the job is started.

Squirrel Removal in Markham

Introduction: Squirrels are a nuisance animal that can be difficult to control. Their population can explode in a short period of time and they are capable of carrying diseases and parasites. Squirrels often move into residential and commercial areas in search of food and a safe nesting place to raise a litter of young. Squirrels have sharp teeth and use them to access living spaces or to locate food. They can destroy vents, screens, and wiring in their attempt to enter your home.

. Once they move in, it can be difficult to get them out unless you hire a wildlife control expert.

. By removing the animals from your attic you will be able to avoid further damage and annoyance.


Traits: Squirrels are rodents that are known for their bushy tails and quick movements. They are known as “jumping” rodents because they can leap up to five feet from the ground. Squirrels have been known to seek out shelter inside attics which could affect your quality of life, and damage your property. .


Habitat: Squirrels thrive in both urban areas and rural environments. They are commonly found in cities, but can naturally be found in forests. Squirrels live throughout North America and are not uncommon in many areas of Europe. Red Squirrels and Eastern Grey Squirrels are the main trouble makers for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area.


There are a variety of methods that you can use to control squirrels. It is important to remember that squirrels are a protected animal in Ontario so using humane methods to control them is imperative. You can use traps or repellents but the one-way door removal method is by far the best. If you wish harm to come to the squirrels, it is best to only hire a wildlife control company that deals with animals humanely.


Damage: Squirrels can cause extensive damage to buildings and property. They will gnaw on electrical wiring, rafters and pipes causing extensive damage and taking out appliances. They will also chew through window screens, sills and furniture.


Control: There are several methods that can be used to control squirrel populations. The first is to control the tree they live in or use for roof access. If you have a squirrel problem, control the trees they live in and cut them down if feasible. This will stop the squirrels from seeking out other trees to use as their homes. The best method of controlling squirrels is by reinforcing the house with chew-resistant mesh. Your local wildlife pro will know what works and what's a waste of money.


Conclusion: Squirrels are common pests that can be controlled by hiring reputable animal removal services to get rid of unwanted visitors for you. This will be where we come in handy!

Squirrel Removal in Markham

Are you having trouble with raccoons getting into your garbage cans or taking food from your pet's dish? Do you fear for your children's safety around these wild animals? Then look no further than our onsite raccoon removal service. We will come to your house and get rid of the raccoon problem for you. Not only will this keep your home and family safe, but it will also protect your property from further damage.


Traits: Raccoons are animals that are known for their intelligence, as well as their curious and playful nature. They have also been known to be very resourceful, oftentimes finding food in the most unlikely of places. Raccoons are also adaptable animals, which has helped them thrive in a number of different environments.


Damage: Raccoons can cause extensive damage to homes and businesses. They often enter attics through roof vents and tear up insulation, wiring, and pipes. They can also spread disease and create a nuisance by raiding trash cans and gardens. Professional wildlife removal services can help remove raccoons from your property and prevent further damage.


Control: There are a few methods that can be used to control a raccoon infestation. The best way is to use a one-way door to allow the animal to exit the den site, this can be done by placing the door over the entrance of the raccoon's den and then installing prevention mesh to block other openings. Once one animal exits, the door shuts so they cannot get back in and the door is ready to let the next raccoon exit if necessary. Another way to control raccoons is to use wire mesh around areas they like to break in. This will prevent them from manipulating and damaging soffit, vents, chimney caps and roofline shingles. There will always be raccoons in the neighbourhood, get the peace of mind that comes from having your home raccoon proofed with

Conclusion: Raccoons are cute but can be an unwanted guest pest when living inside attics and crawl spaces. Fortunately, they  can be controlled by hiring a humane wildlife control company to do the job for you. Our affordable raccoon removal Markham services have produced many satisfied customers in the surrounding area.

Affordable Wildlife Removal Markham